Pre-Order Your Valentine's Day Fresh Flower Bouquets

Pre-Order Your Valentine's Day Fresh Flower Bouquets

Pre-Order Your Valentine's Day Fresh Flower Bouquets from The Farmhouse Shop

The Barn will be O P E N: Wednesday, February 14 - Monday, February 19

Love is in full bloom, and what better way to express your affection to your loved one than with the timeless beauty of fresh flowers?  The Farmhouse Shop, we believe in capturing the love and letting your people know you love them  with our exquisite Valentine's Day Fresh flower Bouquet. Get ready to say "I love you, meant" by pre-ordering our handcrafted arrangements that speak the language of love in every petal.

Unveiling Our Valentine's Shop Collection:

This Valentine's Day, we're thrilled to present a curated collection of fresh flower bouquets, along with our new products making their debut in the Farmhouse Shop. From classic roses to vibrant mixed blooms, each arrangement is thoughtfully crafted to convey the depth of your emotions. Add the Locke Lavender Winter Box or a candle from our shop offerings. Add a bottle of wine or a 3 pack special.

Why Pre-Order?

1. Freshness Guaranteed:
- By pre-ordering, you secure the freshest blooms for your Valentine. Our commitment to quality ensures that each flower is at its peak, ready to dazzle your special someone.

2. Exclusive Designs:
- Our pre-order bouquets feature exclusive designs that may not be available for regular in-store purchases. Be among the first to showcase these unique arrangements.

3. Avoid the Rush:
- Skip the last-minute rush and secure your preferred bouquet in advance. Pre-ordering guarantees you won't miss out on the perfect arrangement for your loved one.

4. Convenient Delivery Options:
- Choose a delivery date that suits your schedule. Whether you want the bouquet to arrive at your loved one's doorstep on Valentine's Day itself or a day before, we've got you covered.

How to Pre-Order:

1. Visit our website.
2. Browse through our Valentine's Shop
3. Select your preferred bouquet(s) and quantity.
4. Choose a pick up date that suits your plans.
5. Make any addition to your order from our shop and complete your order securely.

This Valentine's Day, let love blossom with the enchanting beauty of fresh flowers from The Farmhouse Shop. Secure your preferred bouquet by pre-ordering today and make this Valentine's Day an unforgettable celebration of love. Don't miss the chance to captivate hearts and say love you with the timeless elegance of our blooms!

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