Kevin Locke, Owner Kirsten Locke, Director of Operations with the last load of 2023 Harvest

2023 Harvest Season Recap

The 2023 harvest from the vineyards is expected to be a remarkable one, with wine enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the release of the new vintages. The combination of favorable weather conditions, skilled winemakers, and carefully tended vineyards has set the stage for an exceptional harvest. In this blog post, we will explore the factors that contribute to a successful harvest and what wine lovers can expect from the 2023 vintage.

What factors contribute to a successful harvest?

A successful harvest is the result of a delicate balance between various factors. The first and most crucial factor is the weather. The right amount of rainfall, sunshine, and temperature fluctuations throughout the growing season can greatly influence the quality of the grapes. In 2023, the vineyards experienced optimal weather conditions, allowing the grapes to ripen evenly and develop complex flavors.

Another important factor is the expertise of the winemakers. Skilled winemakers understand the nuances of each grape variety and know when to harvest them at their peak ripeness. They carefully monitor the sugar levels, acidity, and tannin development to ensure that the grapes are picked at the perfect moment.

The vineyard management practices also play a significant role in a successful harvest. From pruning and canopy management to pest control and irrigation, every aspect of vineyard management is crucial for the health of the vines and the quality of the grapes. The vineyard team's dedication and attention to detail throughout the year contribute to the success of the harvest.

What can wine lovers expect from the 2023 vintage?

The 2023 vintage is anticipated to be exceptional, with wines that showcase the unique characteristics of the vineyards and the grape varieties. The favorable weather conditions have resulted in grapes with optimal sugar levels, balanced acidity, and concentrated flavors.

Red wines from the 2023 vintage are expected to exhibit deep color, intense aromas, and well-structured tannins. The extended ripening period has allowed the grapes to develop complex flavors, ranging from ripe dark fruits to subtle earthy notes.

White wines from the 2023 vintage are anticipated to be vibrant and refreshing, with bright acidity and expressive aromatics. The cool nights and warm days during the growing season have helped the grapes retain their natural acidity, resulting in wines with a crisp and lively character.

In conclusion, the 2023 harvest from the vineyards promises to be an exceptional one. With challenging, yet, favorable weather conditions, skilled winemakers, and meticulous vineyard management, wine lovers can look forward to a vintage that showcases the best of what the vineyards have to offer. Whether you prefer red or white wines, the 2023 vintage is sure to delight your palate with its remarkable quality and unique characteristics.

Only a few years in barrel to rest before we get to enjoy it in our glasses! 

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