About Us


We are the Locke Family! Growing premium wine grapes in Calaveras County since 1995. We are passionate 5th generation California farming family, creating a legacy estate by growing, producing and sharing Locke Wines + Farmhouse Shop Goods with extreme caring details rooting locals and visiting communities to the Calaveras, Sierra Foothills.

After a 35 year career in Forestry and Fire. Kevin retired and went all in partnership with his family to create the dream business of Locke Vineyards that was 25+ years in the making. Grape growing was no longer a side gig.

That's why our main wine label showcases the motto we follow: 

"Have a thick skin, Stand up to the heat, Don't let things bug you, Heal your own wounds, Enjoy your days in the sun, Strive for balance, Hold yourself up high."


We are committed to the tradition of terrior and loving our land so we can be here enjoying wine for many more years.

Our products are not "certified" in certain farming practices. Why? We feel our family can farm with freedom to embrace more natural practices without the additional costs of certification. This allows us to look and listen to what each vintage has to offer and grow our grapes with the land and mother nature, rather than against. We hand harvest and sort very bunch of grapes.

We believe in full transparency with our customers. We use minimum amounts of spray on our grounds or grapes and work hard at making additions to the ecosytem of our vibrant estates. We believe great wine happens in a vineyard, so we get it right there and don't make harmful additions to our wines.

We operate off The Barn off solar power. We recycle all glass, cups and cardboard. Compost is a must and maintained for our fields on site.


We learned the hard work of farming and family from the generations before us.

Generations of our family have farmed almonds, walnuts, plums, grapes and operated dairies all across Northern California. Always navigating, supporting and connecting with family along the way.

Our farming family remembers the legacy we came from and the new one we are creating. Our vision is to create something to last for many more generations and be the first generation to successfully have a farming operation last for more than a generation.