4 Wine Tasting Tips to Use

4 Wine Tasting Tips to Use

1) Awaken your Senses:

Be sure to smell the wine first! The smell of the wine contributes to the taste. Swirling the wine will awake the aromas and flavor of the wine.

2) Sip Slowly:

Take a small sip and let the taste of the wine linger in your mouth for a few seconds to savor the expression of the wine. You will be exploring the Primary aromas + flavors of the wine. Primary aromas, such as fruit and floral smells, come from the grape variety itself. This is why the details/quality of the fruit from the vineyard matters.

3) Take a 2nd Sip. (Always.) 

Always take a 2nd sip to allow for the fullest expression of the wine. In the 2nd + 3rd sip you will experience the Secondary + Tertiary aromas + flavors. Secondary aromas are broadly derived from the style of the wine, truly showcasing the local terrior. Tertiary aromas develop as wine ages (ex: barrel vs stainless; length of time). Side note: is this why we do not recommend sharing wine tasting flights. Each flight is poured to meet the legal service requirements per individual. When you share a flight you miss out on the enjoy the full expression of the wine. 

4) Final Evaluation + Enjoy! 

At the end of the day you always want to appreciate + evaluate the wine. Then decided the most basic question.... do you like it OR better yet do you want to enjoy more! Make a note mentally or on a piece of paper to ensure you remember what you'd like to purchase once you complete your wine tasting. Wine tasting is to experience + evaluate the wine and make your selection to purchase for more enjoyment of the handcrafted Locke Wines. 



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