4 Wine Tasting Tips to Use

4 Wine Tasting Tips to Use

1) Awaken your Senses:

Be sure to smell the wine first! The smell of the wine contributes to the taste. Swirling the wine will awake the aromas and flavor of the wine.

2) Sip Slowly:

Take a small sip and let the taste of the wine linger in your mouth for a few seconds to savor the expression of the wine. You will be exploring the Primary aromas + flavors of the wine. Primary aromas, such as fruit and floral smells, come from the grape variety itself. This is why the details/quality of the fruit from the vineyard matters.

3) Take a 2nd Sip. (Always.) 

Always take a 2nd sip to allow for the fullest expression of the wine. In the 2nd + 3rd sip you will experience the Secondary + Tertiary aromas + flavors. Secondary aromas are broadly derived from the style of the wine, truly showcasing the local terrior. Tertiary aromas develop as wine ages (ex: barrel vs stainless; length of time). Side note: is this why we do not recommend sharing wine tasting flights. Each flight is poured to meet the legal service requirements per individual. When you share a flight you miss out on the enjoy the full expression of the wine. 

4) Final Evaluation + Enjoy! 

At the end of the day you always want to appreciate + evaluate the wine. Then decided the most basic question.... do you like it OR better yet do you want to enjoy more! Make a note mentally or on a piece of paper to ensure you remember what you'd like to purchase once you complete your wine tasting. Wine tasting is to experience + evaluate the wine and make your selection to purchase for more enjoyment of the handcrafted Locke Wines. 



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Adrian on

What a fantastic and informative post! The wine tasting tips you shared are incredibly helpful. I especially appreciate the advice on taking the time to truly observe and appreciate each aspect of the wine – from its color and clarity to its aroma and taste. It’s a great reminder that wine tasting is not just about drinking but about experiencing and savoring every nuance.

Shammy Petersons on

It was interesting when you said that you can awaken the aromas and flavor of the wine when you swirl it. My fiance and I are planning to go on a wine tour to find the best wine for our wedding party in December. We want to ensure that we will be guided in choosing the right type of wine to satisfy everyone at the party, so we will follow your tips. https://www.44wineries.com/tours/

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