Locke Lavender Season is Here!

Locke Lavender Season is Here!

Locke Lavender Season

Welcome to the sweet smell of the transition to summer! The beginning of the Locke Lavender Season is approaching full bloom and with it comes a feeling of rejuvenation. For visitors to The Barn, the vibrant colors and sweet aromas of the lavender fields will lighten your mood and give you a feeling of peace. If you’re looking for a refreshing and relaxing getaway then Locke Lavender Season at the Barn is the perfect destination. In this post, we explore the lavender fields of Locke and the incredible experiences you can have while visiting.

The Lavender Farm is open to stroll through during hours of operations this June. However, if you are looking to learn and experience the full Locke Lavender Season we recommend signing up for the farmhouse workshop on June 24th! Register Here!

Fresh Lavender Bouquets all month to order or pick up onsite! 

Dried Lavender Bouquets are sold in the Farmhouse Shop year round. 

We hope you can make it to Locke Lavender Season this summer (June through the 1st week of July) and experience the beauty of the lavender fields for yourself. There’s simply nothing else quite like it! From the picturesque views, to the vibrant lavender gives an unforgettable experience. So don’t miss out, there’s something for everyone to enjoy at Locke Lavender Season at The Barn! 

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