Locke Lavender Linen Spray 2.7 oz
Locke Hydrosol Spray
Locke Lavender Linen Spray 8.5 oz
Locke Hydrosol Spray

Locke Hydrosol Spray


Locke Lavender Hydrosol Linen Sprays 

It is a fresh, light, slightly floral and sweet spray. Hydrosol is known as "flower water," and is produced by distilling the lavender stems + leaves during essential oil extraction. It has very aromatic properties, but the aromas will be softer in comparison to essential oil. 


Increase the longevity of your hydrosol by storing the bottle in the fridge or in a cool, dark cupboard away from heat and light. Hydrosols will last 1-2 years in a fridge. Hydrosols kept on the shelf, or in a car or bag should be used within six months of purchase.