Welcome to our shop! Locke Vineyards is owned and operated by the Locke Family in Murphys, CA. We 4th generation California farming family creating wines and goods we love and can't wait to have you enjoy them as well! 

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A hunter for the Union Water Company discovered the fist grove of Giant Sequoia trees in Calaveras County in 1852. These groves of trees are one of the many natural treasures in Calaveras County and are a majestic symbol of enduring strength and uniqueness. The Giant Sequoia reflects the types of wines produced by Locke Vineyards; unique, and lasting. Our main label honors the 30+ year career our founder Kevin Locke had in Calaveras County and our families love of our beautiful communities landscape. Our Reserve label honors our four generations of family farming California land - a legacy we proudly continue today. We hope you enjoy these Locke wines as we do - around the table with those that matter most. Cheers! 

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Our Farmhouse Shop offers one of a kind goods made and sourced on site from The Barn at Locke or locally. Locke Lavender farm on site uses sustainable and organic practices to grow our (9) varieties of Lavender, which are all made into our Locke Lavender line of goods. All fresh flowers are grown on site from the fresh flower farm May - September. All other Farmhouse Shop goods are sourced mindfully with companies we love working with to create unique goods for you to enjoy in your home (or gift) with a bottle of Locke Wine! 
The Farmhouse Shop was an idea by Kirsten Locke at a young age. The Farmhouse Shop was a long time dream she finally created in 2016. She has continued to grow, create, and source goods she loves using herself and that she believes in to bring joy and balance into your life. Read along with Kirsten on her UNLOCKED BLOG about how to enjoy and use our Locke Wines + Farmhouse Shop goods!